Parampara Awareness Club, which is also called Swadha is based on the ideal of Panchamahayagna of the Indian tradition – a strategy of our seers to preserve life's harmony , based on the realization that life was inter related and inter dependent, and that no one could survive at the expense of the other.
Parampara realizes the need to reorganize our lives based on the value of balance , the middle way taught by our seers. As catalysts, we would like to restore order and reorganize our activities. In this effort of making life more spontaneous, simple, creative and purposeful, we have started the Parampara Awareness Club.

What is awareness?

A consciousness that we at Parampara are striving to create. This Awareness is at three levels.
Aham - Awareness about oneself
Idam - Awareness about all that envelops us and with which we interact and interdepend
Tatam - Awareness about the source, the processes from which all emanates and to which all returns