Parampara Ekadasi Movement

Why the Ekadasi Movement was started (in 2011)

  • Ekadasi is a day designed to be near the divinity within.
  • for inner connection and contemplation - aided by avoiding heavy food to keep our body light.
  • being aware of our inner self, our truth, our nature.
  • this Ekadasi movement is designed to remind us to keep in touch with our core at least for a day in a fortnight
  • Meaning of ‘Ekadasi'

    Mr. Velukkudi Krishnan explained the classical meaning of ‘Ekadasi'. He said that the glory of Ekadasi has been discussed in detail in ‘Bhagavatham'. He narrated the story of King Ambareesan who was saved by Lord Sudarshana to attain the immortal world by observing ‘Ekadasi Vratha'.

    “Observing fasting on ‘Ekadasi' purifies one's body as well as ‘Atma,'” Mr. Krishnan observed

    Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy, Saroj Goenka and Kamala Kasturi lauded the efforts of Parampara in spreading awareness about Tulsi and organising movements such as Ekadasi to instil the greatness of our tradition and to bring forth the inner meaning of such rituals.

    Students from as many as nine schools took part in the Bhagavad Gita chanting competitions conducted on that day and prizes were distributed.