The Parampara Austerity Centre

is a space to practice the great Indian Traditions of VtXt (Daan) and तपस (Tapas). It is a Centre that encourages us to live judiciously and not accumulate excessive thoughts/things, which become obstacles to our material and spiritual wellbeing.
Parampara’s Austerity Movement (started in 1994) is centered on the idea of organizing our energies, both tangible and intangible, for the wellbeing of one and all.
How does the Austerity Centre work? The Austerity Centre is a space for mindfulness and revival of our traditions of Daan (Giving) and Tapas (Austerity). The Austerity Centre helps people rid themselves of possessions (/articles in good condition) not needed by them without wasting them. The donated articles are made available at nominal cost at the Austerity Centre to those who really need them. The proceeds are used to fund education of underprivileged children

How does the Austerity Centre work?

We all have articles that are sparingly used / unused . These may include books, toys, clothes, bags, gift articles etc We do not require them, in fact they create clutter . But they will be useful to others .

To facilitate ‘Giving’ and ‘Sharing’ Parampara has set up the “Austerity Centre”.
Donate these articles to Parampara Austerity Centre (45, kasturi Rangan Road , Alwarpet, Chennai )Ph 044- 24991516
Kindly note that Parampara only accepts articles in good condition

People who wish to support recycling and use resources responsibly, shop at the Austerity Centre , rather than procuring new articles.

These proceeds are then used by Parampara to support Children’s Education

Causes Supported by the Austerity Centre:

The proceeds from the Austerity Centre have been used to fund the following causes :

Parampara Donation to the Pie Mathematics Association

Parampara Donation to the Ved Paathshaala, Mangadu

Rebuilt Schools

Donations to Corporation Schools

Annadanam Initiatives

Kuthambakkam Village Development

Stalwarts supporting the Austerity Movement

Shri. N Ravi, Editor-in-chief of The Hindu

Shri. Arun Jain, Chairman, Polaris

Smt. Bombay Jayashri, eminent musician

Sow. Valli Subbiah, Founder of Kids Central

Creating Awareness amongst school children

Ved Paathshaala, Mangadu

Padma Seshadhri

Ananya School

Kids Central