Parampara theme Cards

Many of our programmes and activities, particularly those for children, are funded through the sale of greeting cards - specially designed for Parampara. Each set of cards has a theme, and calenders designed on each of the themes are also available on order. We present here the various cards available.

The Becoming:

These cards, reproductions from one of the foremost contemporary Indian Painters, S.H.Raza, sybolize the view of Creation as a Becoming rather than a Making. In the everchanging countless forms - it is for the seeker to discern the underlying one Reality..

Tradition of Indian Folk Painting:

It is not the art of the uninitiated. It is not rigid, and in its fluidity carries the wisdom and memory of an entire race. It is the collective expression of a civilisation combining symbol, myth, legend, ritual, yoga and philosophy.
The visuals selected in this series include the Madhubani paintings, Patachitra from Orissa and illustrated Jain manuscripts from Western India.


The vibrancy of any tradition is most apparent when it can assimilate fresh influences while retaining its inspirational source. In these prints entitled "Shakti", by Sujata Bajaj, there is a glimpse of an inner awakening, of a movement from darkness to light.

The Mahabhutas

The Indian concept of cosmos and creation describes the evolution of the Universe arising out of the Pancha Mahabhutas or Five Great Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether. These five categories delineate the five densities of all visible and invisible matter, and have physiological as well as psychological correspondences with the five senses as well as with states of mind and emotions.
Specially commissioned, these cards have been painted by eminent artist Thotaa Tharani.

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