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    A movement dedicated to paying our obeisance & debt to the glory of Mother India and her wisdom
       which is the prescription for harmonious living.

    A movement for gratitude, practice and sharing the percepts of the essence of सनातन धर्म – obtained
       preserved and handed by our great seers and ancestors.

    A movement of character building and responsibility of - maximizing our potential and giving back to
        life more than what we take from it.

Our Means: The time tested method of तपस (tapas) and यज्ञ(yagya), to turn life into an उत्सव (celebration).
Our Motto: 'Paramparā' stands for ''उद्धरेदात्मानात्मानं ''(Raise yourself by your self) of the Bhagavad Gita.

Our Work
Over 2500 school children sensitized to Traditional Indian Farming    
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Austerity Centre
Funding education of children through Austerity Centre Donations    
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Over 13 lac Tulsi saplings distributed 12 Tulsi Vrindavans    
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Nurturing over 50 Indian Cows. Gopashtami Utsav Celebrated    
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Ekadasi Satsangs held on Yoga, Nature, Healing and various    
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Parampara  (click to view the Journey of Parampara)   was started, over 30 years ago, to keep alive the sacred Indian Knowledge systems as a guiding light for the future generations . Its focus in the initial years was to impart this knowledge through a series of workshops to enable integrated development of mind – body and spirit . These workshops included Scriptural study, Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian Music, Astronomy, Astrology amongst others. Projects pertaining to holistic living such as water percolation were also taken up

Behind the various traditions of India, lie precious life enhancing principles. However, with the passage of time our understanding of the deeper values and meaning behind the traditions has been lost. This has led to an increasing disregard and disconnect from the traditions themselves. This abandoning of traditions was the start of a chain of reactions that ultimately led to chaos. A simple example would be the pollution of our rivers and chemical laden food as soon as the traditions of regarding Earth as a sacred living mother ‘bhumata’ and the rivers as purifying goddesses were dropped as mere superstitions.

This then became the focus of our work at Parampara, to implement projects that convey the values and inner meaning behind various Indian Traditions . We believe they hold the key to restoring order !

We have identified 24 key values that represent the salient aspects of Indian Tradition. Several of these we have already implemented as projects.

For instance the Austerity Centre project is to provide a space where our great traditions of ‘Daan’ (giving) and ‘Tapas’ (Austerity) can be practiced collectively.

Likewise the Tulsi project is to bring back the value of ‘Shradha’ (reverence) without which one cannot receive knowledge from a higher source.

The BVKP Farm project is inspired by the tenets of the ‘pancha maha yagna’. Through it we wish to pay our debt to all the elements and entities such as Bhumata (mother Earth) that nourish us.

Our Gomata project is a tribute to the ‘Mother’ principle which acts not just through our birth mother but through many facets of creation. The Gomata (Indian Cow) is a particularly auspicious embodiment of this divine principle. Through her milk she nourishes our body, her manure replenishes the earth , her ghee is integral to yagnas that appease the devatas.

‘Pratyahara’ (withdrawal of senses) is a great value, a key evolutionary aid that forms one of the 8 limbs of yoga. The Ekadashi project is our endeavor to highlight the importance and aid in the practice of ‘Pratyahara’

Parampara is currently working on implementing more projects that will keep alive our life enhancing Indian values.

Come join our movement of nation building through evolving individual and collective consciousness.

Time is right. There is a great upsurge in the evolutionary movement of life and we need to act right in the light of our time tested Bharatiya wisdom. According to our own स्वाभाव (swabhava) and स्वधर्म (swadharma) .

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